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Antique Brass Pocket Watch Bracelet


Late 18th/early 19th century pocket watch part bracelet.


This stunning bracelet is made from late 18th/early 19th century brass pocket watch parts. The fine engraved brass plate is absolutely beautiful, and even has a little hand pointing to the steel numbered wheel! That engraving is often missed by the public as many people don’t get the chance to look inside these amazing watches or know how to. This plate is attached to a fancy style metal chain, which is doubled up one side to give an unique design. The chains are put through the original drilled holes of the pocket watch movement. In addition are two beads in a gold and purple diesel colour which hang off another at the bottom. In the centre of the bracelet is an antique pocket watch mainspring in its original brass barrel, and on top of this is a brass balance wheel and centre wheel.

The bracelet length is approximately 7 inches, but can be shortened at the end by 5 jump rings.

Note: Due to small metal parts this item is not suitable for children.